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hey Kendra fan, Here's what we dropped in our first week. This is still technically a soft launch b/c we're sorting out bugs in the site. If you catch one, email me and I'll hook you up w/ a free purchase under $35. Regular Sets - The first five regular sets are up, 001 - 005. $7 for edited, image stamped sets. $35 for unedited, 300dpi sets. Exclusive Sets - The first three exclusives originally sold in the KendraRowe.com Members Only store are up in the Exclusives section. They're priced

word up Kendra fan, Kendra Rowe is the quintessential girl next door. She may not fit the traditional definition of a model, but as I often reminded Kendra, she's a world class beauty. I'm pumped about this new site because I think people want to see what's behind closed doors, specifically in Kendra's Members Only store. Also, over the last two years, we got more than a few requests for people wanting to individually buy pic sets. Here's how we're gonna do things: Regular sets will be available for download one