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First Update: All The Details

hey Kendra fan,

Here’s what we dropped in our first week. This is still technically a soft launch b/c we’re sorting out bugs in the site. If you catch one, email me and I’ll hook you up w/ a free purchase under $35.

Regular Sets – The first five regular sets are up, 001 – 005. $7 for edited, image stamped sets. $35 for unedited, 300dpi sets.

Exclusive Sets – The first three exclusives originally sold in the KendraRowe.com Members Only store are up in the Exclusives section. They’re priced slightly less expensive here, because it’s been awhile since they were first published.

Super Exclusives – The first two sets from this special section are up. They are $100 each.

35mm Pics – The first two 35mm zip sets were shot in Malibu and Bel Air. $35 each for full resolution scans.

Video – The first handful of videos are posted here too. We offer uncompressed versions of YouTube and KendraRowe.com videos at very reasonable prices. $5-$10.

Polaroids – The first two complete sets of Polaroids are up. They were shot in November 2018 in Brentwood and November 2019 in Santa Monica.

BTS Pics+Vids – The first four behind the scenes zips are up. The original, edited video clips had music, instead of the original recorded audio. BTS clip bundles have original audio and uncompressed GoPro video footage.

Early Kendra – There are only two zip bundles available here. They contain Kendra’s original try-ons from UNLYSHD and the first found pic sets, also shot by UNLYSHD in Fall 2018.

Let me know if there are any questions! Feedback encouraged!

very best,


Owner of Shore Thang

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