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New Drops + Paparazzi Story

hi Kendra fan,

Here’s a quick story and a list of the latest content drops.

When Kendra and I first started working together, we basically pulled out every tool in the digital marketing toolshed, to see what worked. My background was basically informed by ad agency experience (specifically two dudes who worked for agencies, who managed me years ago).

Agencies divide content/media into three parts; paid, earned, and owned. Earned media comes from press releases, interviews, articles, etc. Also, paparazzi photos fall under earned media. Celebrities don’t often admit this, but fairly regularly, their agent, manager, or publicist will top off a paparazzo about a place they intend to be, for the press.

Lots of people on Reddit talked trash about the two paparazzi shoots Kendra and I published (it was assumed that I took the pics). Not true. My lifelong pal Steve Han (formerly a member of Charlie Sheen’s entourage) was brought on board to help out. Steve shot Kendra in Malibu and in Brentwood.

New Drops:

Exclusives – Poolside Paparazzi and Kendra at 18, Underwater are both up in the Exclusives section. There are quite a few other releases here too, so be sure to check it all out. Cheaper prices than the Members Only store on the main site.

Super Exclusives – A previously unreleased video is up in this section. There are now 5 Super Exclusive offerings.

That’s all for now. Officially, these drops aren’t out until Monday, but I’ll send out an announcement Sunday night via Patreon and OnlyFans, followed up by an email newsletter on Tuesday.

very best,


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