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Website Launch – How We Do Things Here

word up Kendra fan,

Kendra Rowe is the quintessential girl next door. She may not fit the traditional definition of a model, but as I often reminded Kendra, she’s a world class beauty.

I’m pumped about this new site because I think people want to see what’s behind closed doors, specifically in Kendra’s Members Only store.

Also, over the last two years, we got more than a few requests for people wanting to individually buy pic sets.

Here’s how we’re gonna do things:

  1. Regular sets will be available for download one at a time. Most sets also have an unedited 300 dpi option. If you’re upset by the price, simply grab a membership at KendraRowe.com. The prices for the Unedited 300 dpi sets are the same on both sites. We’ll make available 5 new regular sets per week. Announcements will be made via Patreon, email newsletter, and as blog posts on this site.
  2. Exclusive sets, previously offered in Kendra’s Members Only store, will be offered here as well. They will be made available two at a time, each week. Announcements will go out at the same time as we announce new regular sets. The prices will be slightly lower than sets sold for in Kendra’s Members Only store, so more of Kendra’s fans may enjoy them. To be fair to Kendra’s die-hard fans, we will post Exclusive sets in reverse order (earliest stuff will go up first). Also, in the interests of fairness, as sets become available on our new site, they will be marked Sold Out in the Members Only store on KendraRowe.com
  3. We will offer more new content on this site. Stuff that has never before been posted will be made available over time. This content will be offered in the Super Exclusive section of this site. If you’re a member of the Kendra Rowe 18/19 Patreon and would like a discount code for KendraRowe.com or the Super Exclusive section of this site, please use the contact form.
  4. 35mm pics, polaroids, behind the scenes pics+vids, and other Kendra content will also be made available here. Unedited, uncompressed, and entirely unpublished content will be included in these collections.
  5. We have a new rating system in place, on a scale of 1-5 fire emojis, to help you make confident choices. Use the contact form, if you have more questions.

You’ll see pics and video here you’ve never seen and have the chance to shop for Kendra’s exclusive content in a way that’s more transparent and more affordable.

Thanks for supporting Kendra!

very best,


Owner of Shore Thang

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