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June 2020

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[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDbzOXo8h_o[/embed] Hey Kendra fan! Winky Dink Media did a great job w/ this new remix of Kendra's original try-ons. Below are a list of the new Exclusives and Videos we're releasing here. Exclusives: Unpublished Venice (areola alert!!) and Sheer Kitchen are the top latest Exclusives to be dropped here, at more affordable prices. Videos: We just dropped What I Bought In LA and Cupshe 1 as unedited video clips. We're skipping our usual release of Super Exclusive content b/c to waaay too excited Kendra fans in Portugal and France decided to leak her

hey Kendra fan, Selfies are a kind of basic art form of our increasingly digital times that don't get enough attention from art critics. Every girl knows her best angles and sometimes, self-shot pics approach the level of real art. Kendra used to send me selfies here and there, probably just to get attention. She was always cute about it, sending a pic from whatever random thing she was doing. Mostly they were not so glamorous, but once in awhile, real beauty emerged and was captured. Our latest Super Exclusive drop

hey Kendra fan, In July 2019, a handful of topless+headless photos -- possibly of Kendra -- started turning up on Reddit and two other notorious online forums. Kendra was upset about this, but the real story started much earlier, in March 2019. While I was spending a few days partying w/ strippers and psychedelics along side my soon-to-be French Canadian ex in Costa Rica, Kendra unexpectedly called. She was frantic. Almost simultaneously, someone was attempting to hack her DropBox and SnapChat accounts. After receiving a notification via email, Kendra