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Cancun Story and Latest Content Drops

hey Kendra fan!

When Kendra and I first started working together, there was a really good connection. I have a lot of crazy stories and Kendra is pretty fearless/impulsive when it comes to new experiences. That’s a big part of what makes her special.

In mid-December 2018, shortly after our first big photoshoot, I was swept up in the middle of a huge Malibu rehab trial (before Shore Thang, I worked for the CEOs of two big Malibu treatments centers for five years). Right after receiving a subpoena to provide testimony in a deposition, Kendra invited me to go to Mexico to shoot photos again.

Being caught in the middle of two impulsive millionaires fighting over $50M is not my idea of fun, so I immediately accepted.

Kendra was like that, a fun person who was down for whatever. Despite less than perfect weather, we shot a bunch of great content and talked for hours about future ambitions. The Cancun Pasties set (Exclusives), the website vids (Videos), and BTS vids are some of the best content from that trip. Sets 21 – 31 were all shot in Cancun too.

Shooting on the beach was great, but the most memorable part was swimming in the crystal clear water of Cenote Cristalino. Pretty sure all content from that trip is now available on this site.

Here’s an update on the latest drops:

Videos – The latest Unedited YouTube clip packs released here are Brandy Melville 2 and Fashion Nova Jeans.

Exclusives – Kendra’s Bedroom, Part 2 and BoutineLA Go-See pics are the two newest exclusives now available on this site (we still keep the full selection of Members Only store items available on the new site, if you want to have access to everything right away: KendraRowe.com/galleries).

Super Exclusives – There is a new video available in the Super Exclusive section.

Hit me up in the comments or the contact page with any questions or requests!

very best,

Owner of Shore Thang


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