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Original Try-On Remix and New Updates

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Hey Kendra fan!

Winky Dink Media did a great job w/ this new remix of Kendra’s original try-ons.

Below are a list of the new Exclusives and Videos we’re releasing here.

Exclusives: Unpublished Venice (areola alert!!) and Sheer Kitchen are the top latest Exclusives to be dropped here, at more affordable prices.

Videos: We just dropped What I Bought In LA and Cupshe 1 as unedited video clips.

We’re skipping our usual release of Super Exclusive content b/c to waaay too excited Kendra fans in Portugal and France decided to leak her content.

The way we’re dealing w/ this now is to leak the names, addresses, and employers of the offending parties. Have nice day!

very best,



Leak list — two European scumbags who think it’s ok to leak our content.

Joel da Cunha – workplace and work address

Escola Profissional da Ilha de Sao Jorge

Rua Dr. Leonel Nazário Nunes 9800-566

Velas, São Jorge (Açores), Portugal



Julien Metzinger – home address

3 Rue Chevreul, 75011 Paris-11E-Arrondissement,

France 75011 PARIS 11


Owner of Shore Thang


  • September 8, 2020

    Ghulam raza

    Love you

  • September 8, 2020

    GHULAM Raza

    Love you you’re very lovely