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Special Selfies + The Latest Exclusive Content Drops

hey Kendra fan,

Selfies are a kind of basic art form of our increasingly digital times that don’t get enough attention from art critics.

Every girl knows her best angles and sometimes, self-shot pics approach the level of real art.

Kendra used to send me selfies here and there, probably just to get attention. She was always cute about it, sending a pic from whatever random thing she was doing. Mostly they were not so glamorous, but once in awhile, real beauty emerged and was captured.

Our latest Super Exclusive drop includes some epic Kendra selfies.

Exclusives – Kitchen T-Shirt, a Kendra at 18 pic set and Honey Birdette Red, a lingerie pic set are the latest exclusives to be made available at a more affordable price.

Videos – Two new unedited YouTube clip collections are now available too; Floralkini and What I Bought In LA 2. Floralkini is absolutely amazing and should not be missed.

Also, in case you missed it, we just launched a new website this week: Quarantine-Selfies.com (which definitely has some Kendra content to check out).

very best,



Owner of Shore Thang


  • June 9, 2020