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Brazilian-American hottie Mila Santos is a curve queen

Mila Santos with over 28.5 thousand followers on TikTok and over forty thousand unique impressions on each of her posts, Mila is a star on social media with her exclusive content. Mila’s TikToks from the beach, modeling swimwear are a sensation. Her natural hourglass figure is perfect for showcasing bikinis. Mila Santos is interested in designing clothes especially for curvy figures, such as her famous figure. Her TikTok bio contains links to Spotify, where followers can stream her debut song “Both,” as well as a link to her instagram. Mila’s latest post on instagram is a cooking video, recipe included, of Mila baking oatmeal raisin cookies.

Next up, Mila bakes banana bread, whose recipe is included in the post.

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Mila Santos behind the scenes

Add baker to the list of Mila’s many talents. Mila offers a step by step, easy to follow along, crash course in baking. Mila creates original and engaging content that her followers love to interact with, judging by the number of interactions with,  and comments on her posts. Mila’s instagram is certainly lit. Mila interacts with her fans in the comments section as she is sure to respond. Her instagram stories further serve to showcase her original talent.  There she posts her modeling as well as her travel pics, where her beautiful friends also make an appearance. Mila also posts intimate and personal reels in instagram with reels of her trip back to Brazil, as she posts from her grandparents home. She also posts pics of her beloved pet dog, as her fans feel connected to her on more intimate levels. Mila’s posts are as creative as they are engaging, as she posts video stills of her participating in the Japanese rope art of “Shibari,” Mila certainly knows how to push boundaries. There are plenty of beach pics of her from all over the world. Mila is an adventurer, judging from all of her solo travel pics from some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, like the great pyramid of Giza, in Egypt and other beautiful locations, such as her native Brazil.

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Mila Santos is also a talented artist, judging by her drawings. Rounding out her instagram posts, Mila Santos posts examples of her beautiful artwork on the gram.

Mila Santos models and reps ethical brands like HAH lingerie, whose byline is “Where sustainability meets sexy”. In Mila’s featured content on instagram, she shares pics from her collaboration with HAH . Mila Santos appears in their “Au naturals” campaign,  which she is proud to rep. HAH is a lingerie brand that is ethically sourced and is in line with her standards and the healthy lifestyle that she leads.

Mila’s linktree contains links to her Amazon storefront, her exclusive content, her instagram and IMDb links. Mila’s linktree features her recent modeling for Playboy, with her exclusive modeling content.

Mila’s exclusive Amazon store front features her baking essentials, as well as products to support her natural and holistic lifestyle. The many cookbooks, cookware and cooking appliances in Mila’s Amazon wishlist Kitchen Essentials, which she uses in her baking posts, demonstrate how seriously she takes baking. The health, wellness and beauty product recommendations from her Amazon wishlist are in line with her own her own healthy lifestyle, that she is a proponent of.

A scroll through her Amazon wishlist shows Mila’s selection of vitamins and water bottles, for staying active and hydrated. She shares how to stay active, fit and healthy with her followers. Her skincare essentials, that she constantly updates with the tools and products that she uses as a model , to support her health and beauty. Skincare and beauty essentials from such natural skincare brands as Kate Blanc Cosmetics, whose Rosehip facial oil she features on her Amazon wishlist. Now vitamins Pantothenic Acid for glowing skin and beautiful hair. Natural, holistic and vegan and organic skincare brand Living libations moisturizer as well as Cosmedia skincare skincare serum.

Bio Oil skin care set for scars, for keeping the skin on the body beautiful for swimsuit modeling shoots. Nuxe brand suntanning oil for face and body. Bioderma brand lip balm to keep lips hydrated  on the beach. Weleda brand skin food ultra rich cream for the body. EltaMD daily UV SPFsunscreen, to protect her skin from sun damage. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta face peel for glowing skin. Bioderma Sensibio Micellar water makeup remover and Doctor D.Scwab charcoal mask with tea tree oil, for deep cleansing the skin to achieve Mila’s signature glow round out Mila’s health and wellness selection.

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