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hey Kendra Fan, Our latest exclusive content drops come just as we're all learning about 45's plan to ban TikTok from the US. A lot of apps use the same data scraping technology that TikTok does. The decision to ban the app is probably revenge for the reported Tula rally fiasco that saw a bunch of empty seats at a Trump event, but India and Japan have also banned the app. Fortunately, we're still releasing new exclusive content! Exclusives: The Kendra at 18 pic set Kitchen Roses set is now out.

hey Kendra fan, This whole COVID-19 thing sure is a pain for everyone. Here in the US, it looks like things will get worse before they get better. For some reason, I've chosen this perilous time to hit the road -- or the air -- and round up more talent for Shore Thang. While traveling between Oregon, London, Puerto Rico, and Florida, I was locked out of this fine website due to a difficult to diagnose technical issue. We since fixed it and all is well. Here are some much awaited

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHHC_liX3e0 hey Kendra fan, For a brief, but memorable ten minute YouTube video, Kendra re-captured her early try-on brilliance w/ the most recent Fashion Nova haul. Everyone in and around my world has had a difficult time staying active and positive in the midst of COVID-19. It's nice to see somethings can return to normal, however briefly. (No, I don't have any idea what happened to her re: the latest Brandy Melville vid, so pls stop asking). Because TikTok is growing, I made a Kendra 18/19 TikTok account and it

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgYfbc2pVWI Hey Kendra fan! Winky Dink Media did a great job w/ this new remix of Kendra's original try-ons. Below are a list of the new Exclusives and Videos we're releasing here. Exclusives: Unpublished Venice (areola alert!!) and Sheer Kitchen are the top latest Exclusives to be dropped here, at more affordable prices. Videos: We just dropped What I Bought In LA and Cupshe 1 as unedited video clips. We're skipping our usual release of Super Exclusive content b/c to waaay too excited Kendra fans in Portugal and France decided to leak her

hey Kendra fan, Selfies are a kind of basic art form of our increasingly digital times that don't get enough attention from art critics. Every girl knows her best angles and sometimes, self-shot pics approach the level of real art. Kendra used to send me selfies here and there, probably just to get attention. She was always cute about it, sending a pic from whatever random thing she was doing. Mostly they were not so glamorous, but once in awhile, real beauty emerged and was captured. Our latest Super Exclusive drop

hey Kendra fan, In July 2019, a handful of topless+headless photos -- possibly of Kendra -- started turning up on Reddit and two other notorious online forums. Kendra was upset about this, but the real story started much earlier, in March 2019. While I was spending a few days partying w/ strippers and psychedelics along side my soon-to-be French Canadian ex in Costa Rica, Kendra unexpectedly called. She was frantic. Almost simultaneously, someone was attempting to hack her DropBox and SnapChat accounts. After receiving a notification via email, Kendra

hey Kendra fan! When Kendra and I first started working together, there was a really good connection. I have a lot of crazy stories and Kendra is pretty fearless/impulsive when it comes to new experiences. That's a big part of what makes her special. In mid-December 2018, shortly after our first big photoshoot, I was swept up in the middle of a huge Malibu rehab trial (before Shore Thang, I worked for the CEOs of two big Malibu treatments centers for five years). Right after receiving a subpoena to

hey Kendra fan, For most of our working relationship, Kendra and I shot at my Brentwood Penthouse apartment. The studio was only about 600 square feet, but sat at the very top of Tower C of Barrington Plaza. The view was spectacular. A tiny apartment can be forgiven for a view like this. I can't remember how many total shoots I had there, but Kendra and I worked there on at least five excellent collaborations. The latest Super Exclusive set Golden Hour Topless was shot in the Brentwood Penthouse

hi Kendra fan, Here's a quick story and a list of the latest content drops. When Kendra and I first started working together, we basically pulled out every tool in the digital marketing toolshed, to see what worked. My background was basically informed by ad agency experience (specifically two dudes who worked for agencies, who managed me years ago). Agencies divide content/media into three parts; paid, earned, and owned. Earned media comes from press releases, interviews, articles, etc. Also, paparazzi photos fall under earned media. Celebrities don't often admit this,

hey Kendra fan! Here's an update on the latest drops. Videos - The videos section has been divided into four parts, to make navigation easier. Check it out! Super Exclusives - A new drop is available in the Super Exclusives section. Polaroids - This section has been reorganized and is fully available to browse. Check it out! Exclusives - California Love Pasties pics, Manhattan Beach pasties vid, and Micro Bikini are all available in the Exclusives section. Check it out! We're still looking for more feedback/requests. I haven't gone