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Kendra Rowe Red DollsKill Cheerleader

Back After A Travel Break + New Exclusives

hey Kendra fan,

This whole COVID-19 thing sure is a pain for everyone. Here in the US, it looks like things will get worse before they get better.

For some reason, I’ve chosen this perilous time to hit the road — or the air — and round up more talent for Shore Thang.

While traveling between Oregon, London, Puerto Rico, and Florida, I was locked out of this fine website due to a difficult to diagnose technical issue. We since fixed it and all is well.

Here are some much awaited updates:

Super Exclusives: Yes, there are more. One hint: video! The company is still sorting through some issues surrounding leaked content and I 100% promise to get the next drop up ASAP.

Exclusives: Due to delays, a decision was made to release a more recently shot exclusive set. The Red DollsKill Cheerleader pic set was shot in October 2019 and MUST BE SEEN — it also comes with a one minute video clip. The First 35mm set from our first Venice Beach shoot also went up today.

Video: The latest unedited video to be released is a set of Fashion Nova clips. Really good stuff here too.

That’s all for now. Feel free to reply with questions or requests.

very best,