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Brentwood Penthouse Story + New Updates

hey Kendra fan,

For most of our working relationship, Kendra and I shot at my Brentwood Penthouse apartment. The studio was only about 600 square feet, but sat at the very top of Tower C of Barrington Plaza. The view was spectacular. A tiny apartment can be forgiven for a view like this. I can’t remember how many total shoots I had there, but Kendra and I worked there on at least five excellent collaborations.

The latest Super Exclusive set Golden Hour Topless was shot in the Brentwood Penthouse on the first full day Kendra and I worked together. It is nothing short of amazing. For the record, shooting topless was K-Ro’s idea. She had recently gotten her nipples pierced in Australia and I think she was excited to show off.

Eventually, early AM construction noise drove me out of the Brentwood Penthouse, but not before creating some of our very best content.

Super Exclusives – New Pic Set, Golden Hour Topless, is now available.

Exclusives – Unseen Cancun and Kendra’s Bedroom, Part 1. All new exclusives are offered more affordably than they were originally in the Members Only store of the other website.

Videos – Two new options are now available in the Unedited Videos subsection.

Feel free to reach out w/ requests or questions!

very best,


Owner of Shore Thang


  • May 19, 2020

    Amit Bhatia

    Hi kendra. This is your biggest fan on Instragram + facebook if you remember. Please add me in your personal blog kendra Rowe 18/19 so that I can follow you 24×7 and even see your latest story/pic.