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No More TikTok But More New Exclusives

hey Kendra Fan,

Our latest exclusive content drops come just as we’re all learning about 45’s plan to ban TikTok from the US.

A lot of apps use the same data scraping technology that TikTok does. The decision to ban the app is probably revenge for the reported Tula rally fiasco that saw a bunch of empty seats at a Trump event, but India and Japan have also banned the app.

Fortunately, we’re still releasing new exclusive content!

Exclusives: The Kendra at 18 pic set Kitchen Roses set is now out. Also, check out the amazing Bunny Cosplay pic set (DollsKill costume) both available at more affordable prices.

Videos: The lost Aritzia try-on is now available in the video section.

2020 has been an absolutely weird year. We’re almost ready to release the next Super Exclusive video, so stay tuned.

very best,


Owner of Shore Thang

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