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Canadian is big and cold, but the Burch Twins make it feel a little more cozy [caption id="attachment_12917" align="aligncenter" width="759"] Behinds the scenes with the Burch Twins in Los Angeles, California[/caption]   Lauren Burch and her growing digital queendom Lauren Burch, a multifaceted talent, has carved her niche in the digital realm through her passion for gaming, vlogging, and anime cosplay modeling. With each endeavor, she invites her audience into a world brimming with creativity, imagination, and boundless enthusiasm. At the heart of Lauren's digital presence lies her love for gaming, where

Grace Taylor is a naturally curvy, Latina model. She is exceptionally tall. From the peaceful world of horseback riding to the bright lights of Hollywood, Grace Taylor's story is a captivating one of change, determination, and unquenchable ambition. Grace has gone from the stables to the runway with ease, thanks to her tall, beautiful body and natural beauty. She has left an indelible mark on the worlds of fashion and entertainment. Being born and raised in a cute town surrounded by green hills and pastures, Grace's love for horses