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March 2024

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Brielle Pace is a naturally busty, Canadian social media starlet with a checkered past. We’ve never had a model as toxic, controversial, or as hot, as Brielle Pace. Brielle’s videos are absolutely notorious. Brielle’s behavior outside the company has been questionable at best, and at worse, violent, chaotic, and extraordinarily topsy-turvy. Brielle makes the hottest video content at Shore Thang. Her videos are provocative, exciting, and there are a lot of them. Do most men was a semi-crazy, toxic girl to fawn over? We kinda think so… See It All: Brielle Pace exclusive

Ellie the Empress ventures into the enchanting streets of Cartagena, Colombia, on an exclusive tour documented meticulously for her devoted YouTube audience. With her camera in hand, she embarks on a journey through the heart of the city, capturing its essence in vivid detail. Cartagena, renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes, serves as the perfect canvas for Ellie's exploration. As she traverses the cobblestone streets and bustling markets, she immerses herself in the tapestry of Colombian life, offering her viewers an intimate glimpse