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[caption id="attachment_12952" align="alignright" width="225"] Ellie The Empress looks adorable always[/caption] Ellie The Empress takes her visitors on speedy 48-hour adventure to New York City. Ellie adeptly vlogs her October Manhattan journey when the lively city is ablaze in its autumn charm. Fall is the best time to visit New york city and Ellie showcases it in all of its charm. A gorgeous tapestry of cultures, bright lights and large city appears is the ideal backdrop for Ellie the Empress' journey. Sign up with Ellie as she traverses New york

[caption id="attachment_12946" align="alignright" width="225"] Ellie The Empress in Orlando[/caption] From her own YouTube network to streams on Twitch, and over 400,000 X followers Ellie is a cyber luminary. Ellie the Empress amazes customers with her Swimsuit and brand name try hauls, on YouTube. Her site visitors are dealt with to exclusive Shein haul try-ons as well as partnerships from brands that she reps. Ellie recently engaged with clients by welcoming them to a Twitch stream as she prepares yourself for her day. The target audience participates practically in aiding

ELLIE THE EMPRESS ON BRAND NAME PROMOTIONS, BEAUTY REQUIREMENTS, AND THE QUEST FOR CREDIBILITY What enters your mind when you consider an influencer? For me, it is hyper looks, too much makeup, excessive style, showy life, over publishing, heavy on some funny brands they are trying to advertise, and whatever far from the real world truth. Overall cringe! I have a guideline: I will never ever be a follower of any somebody with over 1 million fans on any kind of social networks brand name. When I log