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Canada is big and cold, but the Burch Twins make it feel a little more cozy [caption id="attachment_12917" align="aligncenter" width="759"] Behinds the scenes with the Burch Twins in Los Angeles, California[/caption]   Lauren Burch and her growing digital queendom Think of Lauren Burch, a very successful 23-year-old influencer who has built a niche for herself in the crowded social media platform as a pioneer in e-girl aesthetics. Lauren has more than 450,000 subscribers on YouTube and a significant presence on Instagram and Twitch. Lauren is a model and a fashion stylist

Lauren Burch is an internationally known beauty Canadian influencer Lauren Burch has a talent for reinventing herself which makes her a great model as well as a role model for her many followers. Lauren is a digital creator that is always creating new looks that she shares with her followers and subscribers. Lauren Burch possesses a delicate type of beauty with her gamine elegance and delicate, fine boned visage. Lauren’s main platform is YouTube where she presents her curated content and models try-on hauls for her subscribers. Lauren Burch