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Brielle Pace Proves Psycho and Toxic Is Always Hot

Brielle Pace is a naturally busty, Canadian social media starlet with a checkered past.

We’ve never had a model as toxic, controversial, or as hot, as Brielle Pace.

Brielle’s videos are absolutely notorious.

Brielle’s behavior outside the company has been questionable at best, and at worse, violent, chaotic, and extraordinarily topsy-turvy.

Brielle makes the hottest video content at Shore Thang.

Her videos are provocative, exciting, and there are a lot of them. Do most men was a semi-crazy, toxic girl to fawn over? We kinda think so…

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Brielle Pace is dangerous, toxic, and hot

It has been almost 4 years since Brielle first joined Shore Thang. In that time, the content she created, which started relatively boring, the most exciting content — especially the videos — any other model.

It was a wild ride, working with Brielle Pace. Like a lot of things in Canada, Brielle is larger than life, unpredictable, and ready to throw down at a moment’s notice.

Shore Thang went to extraordinary lengths to protect the content she created, despite some of the controversy around who Brielle is as a person. Brielle makes everyday choices that often put other people in harm’s way. She has to be watched closely or avoided entirely.

Her super slutty solo content looks best in video format.

This means after you download your favorite video, shut the door, turn up the volume, and make sure no one is within earshot. Brielle is not a personality type that works with anyone, but based on Shore things, commitment to finding exciting new talent, we weather the storm, to bring Brielle’s content to the world.

We wish Brielle was a little easier to talk to and to work with, but sometimes the craziest diamonds burn the brightest. Follow Brielle Pace on instagram and subscribe to the Brielle Pace website to see more of what makes her unique.

Watch Shore Thang on YouTube

Because Brielle has a savage temper and is easy to provoke, we occasionally sneak is scandalous audio at the beginning over her YouTube videos, just to torment her. For example, check out these Brielle Pace videos.

EXCLUSIVE: Learn all the dirty details about Brielle Pace videos.

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